Living the coastal life, cooking for the coastal table


by Deborah Hide-Bayne

Coastal is life lived simply and joyfully – building a dream home and a fresh start with enjoyable detours on the way into making or doing things: art and craft projects, collecting seafood, making a vegetable garden and growing your own veggies, planting an orchard, smoking a fish, making sausages and an many other projects, large and small. It’s inspiration and encouragement for readers to “have a go” themselves.

Meet the Author

Deborah Hide-Bayne

Deborah is a keen amateur cook; she ‘escaped’ to the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand in 2003 from her hectic London life in the UK as a commercial artist. She trained as a printmaker at the prestigious London art school Central St. Martins and now her passions are painting, gardening, photography, writing and cooking, which she tries to regularly combine in her work, taking responsibility for as many aspects of each project as she can. Realistic gem-like watercolours of landscapes and fruit and vegetables hang on the walls of her art studio, contrasting with fragments of found objects and collage that reference her pre-occupation with memorabilia and life here in coastal New Zealand Aotearoa.

Other Books

Coromandel Flavour

Coromandel Flavour captures the relaxed New Zealand way of life we have here at the beach. A mixture of recipes, artist’s sketchbook, diary and photography, this book will sit well on the coffee table or propped up in the kitchen, and celebrates life and oozes sunshine and nostalgic bach holiday vibes.

Coastal in the News

The sections that intrigue me most are about food. She shares recipes inspired by the coast and the garden, separating them by season. The instructions for hot- and cold-smoking fish may be the best I have read.

– Lauraine Jacobs, The Listener Magazine

Follow the family’s journey not only building their dream home but a number of other projects and, of course, dishes that together create a life lived simply and joyfully… it’s the perfect inspiration and encouragement for you to ‘have a go’ yourself.

– Vicki Ravich-Horan, Nourish Magazine

Mercury Bay Informer

Next Magazine

– Lauraine Jacobs, The Listener Magazine

Hauraki Herald