So… I’ve been threatening to write another book for a while now, and I’ve finally finished it (and the printed copies will be in stores around New Zealand by the middle of November!)

It’s called Coastal, and it’s really a celebration of the amazing coastal lifestyle we have here in Aotearoa, with recipes and projects to inspire. It’s also the story of working with an architect and building a new home, so if you dream about coastal living or love cooking or doing projects, this book is for you!

The recipes are seasonal – living with a veggie garden gives you a much better idea of what is ready when, and once you’ve tasted a juicy nectarine straight off the tree or a pea fresh from the pod, you never want to go back again – the flavour is just so much better. 

I love to eat meat and fish, but the way I eat has changed over the last few years and that is reflected in the book. There are lighter dishes, more plant-based food, salads, and even some smoothies. I also love serving small plates – things to share where people can mix and match which suit the out-of-doors relaxed lifestyle this book is all about.

So part recipe book, part real life story of a new build and part project book with step-by-step guides to doing and making things for yourself. I’ve put my whole self into this new book. There are talented collaborators that I’ve worked with: Emma Steel – personal photos, Sam Hartnett – architectural photos, and Rob Glen – design, but mostly I’ve done it myself – the food photography, the writing, the illustrations, the bulk of the layout and it’s been so much fun!

Can I sit back on my laurels? Not yet! Now, I’m into the promotional part of writing a book, and with the help of the lovely Margaret from Lighthouse PR, I will be running between Auckland and Coromandel in November and December to do lots of interviews of one kind or another. So you may see me on TV3 The Café or hear me on Nine-to-Noon in the not-too-distant future… I’ve re-named by Facebook page Coastal Flavour, in honour of this new book – find me there to see exactly what I’m doing when… wish me luck!

Happy days with one of my chickens