Fine Art

Fern Frond

This is a fern print that I made as a part of a larger body of work exploring NZ flora and fauna. I love printmaking; the practical skills involved, the precision, the excitement when you turn the paper over and see the print for the first time.

Mihi in a suitcase

This work was made for a themed exhibition called, ‘Where am I a local?’ I have been collecting suitcases for a while and also thinking about what we bring with us (and leave behind) as immigrants – what physical objects, what connections and what emotional ties. My simple mihi and those ideas came together in this piece of work.

Waste Weave

This work came out of my friendship with weavers in our Maori communities, and my desire to look at the rubbish I threw away and repurpose it or see it anew as a resource for making. This work is made out of Vogels’ bread bags.

The One that Got Away

This work was inspired by realising how much plastic waste is in our oceans and how recreational fishing is one of the main activities in the Tikapa Moana – Hauraki Gulf. If we wish to keep enjoying fishing in the Gulf, we can’t ignore the plastic.

This was a shared project with sculptor Sam Ireland and mixed media artist, Fran Campbell. The final object was used as a light sculpture in Illlume (a mid-winter Coromandel festival of lights) and then given away to a school and used as part of a wearable art project.