An easy recipe to cook at home, using delicious fresh fish from the Hauraki Gulf (sadly we can’t catch it ourselves at the moment due to the COVID-19 virus lockdown), but you may have some in the freezer, or be able to buy some from a supermarket or fish shop.


So here’s a little video showing you how to make these delicious fish cakes. I love to fry fresh fish in seasoned flour and butter, but sometimes you want a change and these little fishcakes are just the thing! Any firm white fish will work in this recipe.┬áSo whether you’re buying snapper fillets or whether you’re using offcuts from fish you’ve caught yourself, this is a tasty way to eat snapper… and trust me about the cumin – it seems a lot I know, but it doesn’t overwhelm the taste of the fish at all.

This is a recipe from my new cookbook, Coastal, which you can have a look at here.

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