When there are limes ready in your garden, why not make lime pickle? Here’s a easy recipe, with just a few ingredients. The limes are preserved by fermentation, so it’s a healthy choice as well as being a delicious one!

Lime Pickle


  • 24 whole limes
  • Juice of 20 limes
  • 225g or 8oz fresh ginger
  • 115g or 4oz green or red chilli
  • 5-6 tablespoons salt
  • 4 bay leaves



  1. Peel and slice the ginger, cutting it into small batons. Slit the chillies, removing the seeds, then slice finely.
  2. Wash the limes and dry them. Cut into quarters and then thin slices. Take out any pips you come across.
  3. Arrange the limes in layers in a jar (this recipe makes two full jars). Sprinkle a little salt, then add some bay leaf, a few chilli slices, strips of ginger, and repeat until the jar is full.
  4. Pour in the lime juice and give it a bit of a shake (covering the top with a lid or your hand). Then leave with no lid (but covered with a clean kitchen cloth) in the sun for a day. Add a little salt every day for a week.
  5. When it is ready the pickle will be crusted with salt on top, and it may taste excessively salty. However the salt is soon absorbed and used by the fermentation process, so don’t worry.
  6. By the end of a week, the skins of the limes should be tender, the juice thick and aromatic. The pickle improves with time, so after two weeks it will taste even better. Keeps for several months in the fridge and tastes great with cheese and crackers or as an accompaniment to curry. Enjoy!