I thought moving in would be the end of it… but of course, moving in is the just the start!

We have been in our new house for five weeks now and that time has just flown past. We still haven’t totally unpacked but I am beginning to see little glimmers of how the house will be when we have found a place for everything and that is immensely satisfying.

We still have boxes everywhere and almost every surface is covered with unsorted bits of paper, books, clothes, toys, bits of fire places, etc. but occasionally I glance up and my brain removes all the chaos and I see a little arrangement of things, or an object we bought or acquired for the house in its right place and I know that one day, this house will be amazing.

I have tried to capture this feeling in photos; it might seem a bit disjointed at the moment, but I guess that is how things feel right now for me too.


In lots of ways the house is already amazing… the way the rooms are organised for the way we live was a big part of the design and that choice is already revealing itself to be a good one. For example, the guest room has its own bathroom and is on the far left of the house, whereas Jack’s bedroom (the noisiest bit of the house!) and our bedroom are in the centre, so we are able to give our guests some mental distance from the pace, noise and mess of our lifestyle. We also have a real sense of privacy, which in a house full of people can be a rare feeling.

We will take a slow and steady pace at the remaining jobs and every week there will be some little improvement to see or one less box in the living room, and I am feeling so grateful for all this and I am loving every moment!