A crisp frost heralds another day that’s ‘one out of the box’ on the Coromandel. Perfect blue sky from corner to corner… driving to the new section I stop to admire the areas of cool blue frost contrasting with the warm yellowy green grass where the sun has already been.
Whilst Duncan and Louis were the only ones working on site, it was reasonably easy to keep the building site looking less like a building site and more like a garden: quite tidy and mud-free.
Now we have massive trucks coming with ‘fill’ leaving gouges big enough to plant potatoes in (the fill is to level off the ground behind the house), diggers on site carving up the driveway, bricklayers on site with
endless plastic wrap flying around like streamers (from the pallets of bricks) and plumbers and electricians with their own ‘off-cuts’ and extras…
However, all this level of activity has also meant lots and lots of progress.
Here are a few recent photos:
We now have stairs… So our new building is starting to feel like a house
The building is wrapped (my own Christo for all you modern art lovers out there)
The bricklayers (or brickies as they call themselves) are on site
We have also started planting more things in the garden, not necessarily a compatible activity with the above! Three lemon trees (that fruit at different times so we should have lemons most of the
year), a giant bird of paradise (that the new owners of our old house were digging out), and Duncan has bought 3 fruit trees (one a greengage that was a present from my Mum).
This plant is too big for that wheelbarrow!
We wheel the barrow round to our new section
The bird of paradise in it’s new home – let’s hope it survives the bricklayers and scaffolding. I look forward to summer and how amazing it is going to look against the white painted brick…