On a recent trip to Auckland we went to a café that has been on my list to visit for some time… not only because of their great food, but also their great attitude.

Crave Café is in Kingsland and their tagline, some good in the ‘hood really sums up their philosophy: all their profits go back to the community and they run the business as a collective.

I loved the funky interior, the great sounding menu and the wonderful food! We were there for Saturday morning brunch and I chose the Ross May; the smokey spice roasted cross-cut aubergine was absolutely amazing… meltingly soft, unbelievably delicious and so nice to see something completely different on the brunch menu. I love bacon and eggs as much as the next person (in fact probably more so) and I would never have chosen aubergine to go on my breakfast menu but it worked brilliantly…

Crave Café