When I came to Coromandel from the UK, I wanted to leave behind traffic jams and career pressures and live in a different way. Over the last 10 years I have managed to build a new life for myself: a new country, a new relationship, a new child, a new career and a newly-built house, as well as a new way of living: more sustainably, more in tune with the seasons, more home-grown and produced food.
But now I am ready for something else…
The opportunity presented itself to sell the house, and we, as a family, decided to buy a new piece of land and start again. Think blank canvas… as an artist, nothing is more exciting or scary than the chance to begin again. I think I can take those life changes I have already made to a new level. I realise that this may not work out exactly as I am dreaming or expecting, but I am prepared to take a risk in order to strive towards my imagined wonderful new existence!
Growing some of our own food and managing the essentials of life (bread, beer, wine, jam, eggs) is so very satisfying. Our young child Jack, is with us on this journey, and there is much he can contribute as part of the team. But I don’t want to preach or take myself too seriously. This is life lived simply and joyfully – the story of a new home and a new start with enjoyable detours on the way into making or doing things for ourselves: art and craft projects, photography, growing vegetables, curing bacon, making cheese, and a billion
other things.
So you can follow me on my journey or dip a toe into one or two things that you’ve never done before too…


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