Right now, we are close to the end of the design process…
We have fantasized about our new home, we have been presented with concepts, we have talked about the merits of various types of brick, and now we are signing off on the design and nearly ready to put the plans to Council, with the hope that we can start building in the Spring…
So what is the design like exactly?
Well, it is a series of three brick two-storey rectangles, joined by glass corridors… think industrial, think
mid-century, think white painted brick…
The first rectangle will house a garage/laundry/toilet on the ground floor and two bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor.
The second rectangle will house a kitchen/dining downstairs and two bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor.
The third rectangle will house a 1½-storey living area.
Here are some photos of how I imagine it will look when it is finished… or how it will feel… kind of :o)


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